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Martin Moretto Quintet


Based out of New York, the Martin Moretto Quintet fuses South American roots in the context of modern jazz.

"Exploring uncommon territory, the music showcases eight modern jazz compositions containing elements of the Argentine influence. The ensemble performs brightly, forming a cohesive unit worthy of a world-class designation... Establishing himself as one of the most gifted young guitarists to arrive recently on the world's jazz stage, Martin Moretto Quintet offers a unique perspective on world and Latin flavors, with a solid session of appealing modern jazz."

-All About Jazz

"top notch playing all around. Moretto has surrounded himself with fantastic musicians and together have produced some of the best jazz I have heard in 2011. If you are in the mood for quality jazz look no further than the Martin Moretto Quintet. Ensemble playing at its finest."

-Sea of Tranquility


Guitar / Martin Moretto
Tenor Sax/ Bill McHenry
Piano / Phil Markowitz
Bass / Santi Debriano
Drums / Vanderlei Pereira




Martin Moretto Quintet